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All Shore Live Chat, 7 p.m.

Posted in Uncategorized by mattmanley on December 6, 2010

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All-Shore Teams, Chat

Posted in Uncategorized by mattmanley on December 2, 2010

All Shore teams will be posted by Monday morning. I was shooting for Thursday, but I wanted to take some time on a few decisions. This weekend is football-heavy, so I don’t want to post the teams while there is a bunch of new football stuff going up, hence the Monday date. I’ll have an all-shore chat on Monday at 7 p.m. to discuss decisions, many of which have been very tough to make and as of this post, I still haven’t necessarily made them. And yes, we can debate CBA vs. Holmdel if you’d like. I know we have some Jets fans out there, so I’ll accommodate them with an earlier start.