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Posted in Uncategorized by mattmanley on September 21, 2010

Real quick on the red card given to Howell’s Ozcan Onder yesterday: All-in-all, I’m not sure Ozzie should have been given a red card for what he did, but I’m not overly stunned he got it after watching the video again. One thing you should know about me is that I think the technical foul in the NBA is the silliest, pettiest rule in sports, at least the way it’s used. There are times it needs to be used to keep the game moving and get players off an official’s case, but it is used for some minor stuff at the pro level and the fallout of all the technicals becomes more of a circus than the complaining.

When it comes to cards in soccer, I just can’t see how talking should warrant a red card, but it’s in the rules so what are you going to do? One approach I’ve heard that I like is that if a kid uses profanity talking directly at the official, he gets a red. If he says something in another direction, whether to the ground, at the sky, toward the bench, to a teammate, etc., it’s a yellow. In Ozzie’s case, he was walking away and considering the point in the game, it should have been a yellow, in my opinion. The good thing about the red is I’m sure it will inject some restraint into the player, but in my dealings with him, he is not a problem with officials. It was just an emotional reaction that should have drawn a yellow card, but if the red makes him a little wiser on the field without taking away any of his fire, maybe it’s not such a bad thing in the long run. However, a yellow card is also supposed to do that to a player and it doesn’t cost a team a player. Obviously, this more my feeling than it is an interpretation of the rules, so I’d be interested to hear some opinions on this, especially if you have any officiating experience.

This Week

Holmdel gets its first challenge this week, with three games against SJV, Red Bank and Rumson. The Hornets have taken care of business so far but these three games will give us a better idea of how equipped they are to make any serious noise in the postseason. Dan Metzger will debut for the Hornets this week and while his role is up in the air, senior Rishi Desai has also began practicing with the team and could be a factor down the road. The talent is in place for a big year, and we’ll see how that talent looks against A Central’s best.

Wednesday is a big day for the smaller divisions, with Point Boro playing Wall in C Central and Central in playing Lacey in B South. There are a couple of notable games in the other divisions, like Southern-TR East and TR North-TR South, but it’s looking like B South and C Central are both going to be two horse races and the horses are all going head-to-head on Wednesday. Point Boro could really use a win after battling in losses to Toms River South and Toms River East in its last two games, while Central could use a win to cool off Lacey, which has played fairly well in its non-division schedule, all things considered.

This is a big week for Long Branch because after getting off to a 2-0 start, we get to see if they are at all ready to sustain this kind of play. I’m not saying they need to go out and beat Colts Neck today, but we’ll see if they can play them close at all and after that game, they play a solid Ocean team on the road and a Monmouth team playing well to open the season.

As a website update, stats are up and will be updated daily. We’ve got the standard goals, points and shutouts leader boards and all stats are based on information reported by All Shore Media. If you see any discrepancies, you may email me at and I’ll check with the coach of the team to verify the change.

Join me for the first Live Chat, which will be 8 p.m. on Thursday. We’ll touch on some more stuff as the week goes on and if something doesn’t come up, you can bring it up on the chat.


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  1. Nick West said, on September 21, 2010 at 8:10 pm

    Last year a CBA player was red carded for the same “violation” and as I recall he was at least 10 yards away and not facing the ref.
    I went to the Howell vs Manasquan game as many of the Howell players are on my son’s travel team. Ozcan, was extremely mouthy to the ref’s in that game along with a few off the ball unnecessary hits/chips on Squan players. My pregame prediction to what few parents listen to me, was if Ozzie got frustrated he would begin doing stupid things. His hit on Villani that proceeded the card was not that of a disciplined player and then F bombing within a foot of the ref led to the card, so it may have simply been a combination of the two. He is an enjoyable player to watch when he is thinking soccer and not throwing an unnecessary hit off the ball.
    That being said these are intense young men and any of them are capable of putting their team in the bad position he put his team, if their emotions get the best of them.

  2. MD2K11 said, on September 21, 2010 at 8:35 pm

    speaking from personal exprience and dealing with him a lot, the kid is a hot head.

    • mattmanley said, on September 22, 2010 at 12:08 am

      I was hoping the discussion would be less about Onder’s personality and more about his one act and how it was officiated. I’ve talked to a few more people who thought the red was warranted, although it’s not universal. It sounds like a “old school vs. new school” argument to me and when it comes to language, I’ll never understand why people get bent out of shape when they hear words. I’m more concerned with context and the actual meaning of a sentence, which still could mean that a red was in order. Maybe I watch too much HBO, but I’ve been an adult for almost a decade and I still don’t understand why people cry bloody murder when they hear and f-bomb on an athletic field. But at the very least, it sounds like there is plenty of precedent and the safest thing for a player to do it to not speak aggressively toward the officials.

  3. Nick West said, on September 22, 2010 at 12:36 am

    I am going to go with it being the responsibility of NJSIAA to teach these still young athletes/men/ladies that is just not acceptable to show disrespect to an official. It might just help them later in life when soccer is a distant memory.
    One of the most impressive things in all of sports is the well known fact that Dwight Howard has never uttered a curse word.
    I think it is more about helping the players learn respect and discipline than whether or not the actual words are offensive.
    And by the way, there’s nothing like HBO!

  4. shore conference said, on September 22, 2010 at 1:16 am

    Yes, players make mistakes, just look at Wayne Rooney in the 2006 World Cup getting Red Card vs Portugal in a game at the highest level. But there is no doubt Ozcan’s ability to finish, he is without a doubt far and away one of the two best strikers in “A” North, along with Ryan Morris. So yes he temporarily hurt his team, but in the long run he will be a much better player because of it and he will take howell far in the SCT

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