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Marlboro Ready to Roll Again

Posted in Uncategorized by mattmanley on September 2, 2010

I don’t know if it was the previous scrimmages I watched or the fact that Southern is still trying to figure out some things but…man, does Marlboro look good.

I guess this shouldn’t be surprising when the Mustangs bring back two center midfielders and dip into a pretty deep talent pool within the program, but Marlboro’s 5-2 win over Southern in a Wednesday scrimmage looked about as impressive as a team can look. Their midfield with Dan Weisberger and Jake Katz was very sharp and Chris Battaglia looks like he’ll do fine as a starting forward after giving the Stangs some good minutes off the bench last year.

Those three were the only players back this year who contributed during the SCT run last year, but there are a few potential blue chip players in the mix who will fit right in. Sophomore forward Armano Moreno, senior midfielder and CBA transfer Dan Tedesco and senior outside back Greg Kaye – who missed most of last year with a torn ACL – are all going to be major contributors. More details on those guys in the Marlboro preseason story, which will come out sometime in the next couple days. Just know that Marlboro has a chance to be really good again.

Southern looked a little spotty today and to be honest, I’m not sure their young team was ready for what Marlboro brought today. The Rams players looked to be chasing the ball a little too much, which Marlboro will just eat up. They gave Marlboro’s attackers way too much space most of the day, which helped lead to three of the five goals. Weisberger and Tedesco scored the first two goals in the first eight minutes or so and both shots were on the money from pretty close range and with a lot of space. Battaglia scored the third goal on a nice heel flick from outside midfielder Domenico DeFalco that made it 3-1.

Katz picked up his third assist on a really nice ball over the top that DeFalco knocked in and Weisberger capped the Mustang scoring with a penalty kick after Moreno beat his man and was taken down in the box. Marlboro had a few decent looks that they didn’t finish on, but for the most part, their execution was impressive.

Southern had some bright spots, most notably freshman Andrew Tommeson and sophomore John Starner, who were very activve while trying out a few different positions. Starner, who could play up front or in the back once the lineup is set, scored the second goal to make it 5-2 and assisted the first goal. Senior Brian Swenson scored the first goal on a flick from Starner after Tommeson sent the ball across into the box from the right side.

For those following the Ethan Decker watch, the sophomore did not play today because he is still two practices short of being eligible to play in a scrimmage or a game. Decker played in the U.S. Soccer Residency program this past spring, but came back to play at Southern after a strong freshman year. He scored nine goals and had nine assists as a rookie and should be ready to suit up when the Rams open up with a night game against Manchester on Sept. 9.

Check back with in the next day or so for two more preview stories on both squads.

Tomorrow’s menu includes Raritan at CBA, two clubs looking to replace a small nation of talent from a year ago. Note that a report might not go up on the blog until Friday morning. I have tickets to watch my Scarlet Knights football team open their season against the vaunted Norfolk State juggernaut. I’m pretty sure nothing good can come of this. Until next time…


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