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Six Shore teams advance to Sectionals

Posted in Uncategorized by mattmanley on November 11, 2009

I just got through 4/5ths of a post rounding up the day when my computer restarted without me knowing. So much for autosave. I swear I don’t just use this as an excuse because I don’t feel like writing. I almost always feel like writing, just not the same thing twice. Computers: can’t live with ’em, so on and so forth. I’ll cover everything in my preview post on Thursday.

There is one thing I definitely wanted to get to. I’d like to give props to my younger brother, Mike, for doing the video highlights for the Wall-Princeton game. He’s a sophomore at Princeton High and he’s now the one-man Princeton Bureau of All Shore Media. You can see his work again on Friday when he does the Freehold-Princeton final. He gets to miss Spanish class two days this week, so he’s happy to do it. And unlike me, he still gets to go to the Rutgers game Thursday night. Then again, that could end up being punishment. In any event, thanks Mike.

And as always, thanks to Scott Stump for the help. Always nice to get contribution from the godfather.

Again, sorry for no post. Don’t worry, I flipped my computer an extra bird on the readers’ behalf. Or as I like to call it, the state bird of Long Island.


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