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Posted in Uncategorized by mattmanley on November 1, 2009

That was the sign the Marlboro cheering section held up for much of the game and they turned out to be the true prognosticators in this case. I didn’t see a breakdown of the game on the sign, but sometimes three words gives you the right answer while 1,000 words give you the wrong one. You win again Marlboro students.

Marlboro topped CBA 2-1 in a game that couldn’t have been more typical of Marlboro. They hung tight for 68 minutes and bang – one goal ties the game. Less than two minutes later, Konovalov slides one in for the lead and in a span of 1:56 Marlboro went from playing catch-up to holding on for dear life to a thrilling one-goal win.

The story on the website will be up shortly, but I wanted to offer three editorial points. First, Vito Amato set up Billy Majeski’s game-tying goal with a free kick from the left side into the box that got headed out. The free kick was set up by a foul call on Brian Nickerson that looked like a tough call. He was trying to shield the ball and got called for a grab on Ameer Abedrabbo. There was some jostling going on and there have been foul calls for lighter offenses, but because it resulted in goal, the foul call becomes a huge part of the game.

Greg Belanger really does get better with each game. He legitimately saved 10 shots and I don’t mean balls that bounced in the box and he picked up. I mean 10 shots, attempts on the goal that would have got in had he not put some part of his body on them. He saved two shots by Thomsen that looked like sure goals, including a one-on-one with about four minutes left. Thomsen also had a great look in the 78th and couldn’t quite get all of a one-timed shot and Belanger saved it on a hop. Another stellar performance by a guy who more and more is looking like an All-Shore goalie.

The Marlboro fans are a lot of fun and while they are a loud, spirited bunch, they keep it clean outside a few exceptions. I get a kick out of them whenever I cover Marlboro. That being said, the taunting of Steve Krachie at the end of the game crossed the line. It’s one thing to chant things like “It’s all over” and “Warm the bus up”, and a lot of other chants because they are directed at the opposing fans as much as the players. But you don’t single someone out like that and mock him after he just left everything out on the field in a heartbreaking loss. The game is over. You won. Enjoy it, but don’t drag down the opposing players any lower than they are. I know the back story with Krachie, that he’s a Marlboro native and that a lot of the students know him and give him a hard time whenever the teams play, but whether you know the kid or not, it’s really low to single him out at the end of the game by taunting him.

I should also reiterate that it was only one kid that I heard, so I don’t mean to demonize the entire group, because most of the cheering and verbal jabs came during the game, which I don’t have as much of a problem with. Dan Keane wasn’t too happy with the Marlboro students following the game, and I actually didn’t share his displeasure until I heard the taunting well after the game while Krachie was sitting on the field and collecting himself. Krachie is a smart, likeable kid and he as much as anyone, shouldn’t have to hear that stuff after a loss like that. Don’t kick a man while he’s down.

Anyway, I’m done being Debbie Downer. Marlboro was superb again and this as been a long time coming for coach Dave Santos and the program. The players on this team are the most composed high school team I’ve seen in any sport and that composure, more than anything, is what makes them a special group. They’re pretty good soccer players too, now that you mention it. Congrats to Marlboro and check out the story and the highlights once I get them up.


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  1. anorthfan said, on November 1, 2009 at 3:34 pm

    Hey Matt..what did the marlboro students chant that got Keane and everyone so upset? I was at the game and didn’t hear what they were yellilng at Krachie. Was it that bad?? I thought both cba and marlboro fans had a lot of fun at each others expense but didn’t hear anything over the line….so what happened???

  2. Afriend said, on November 2, 2009 at 3:57 am

    ya matt really no one said anything over the line?? keane was probally mad because he lost a well fought match.. the fans are jus tryin to cheer their team on and sometimes try to throw off another player..but heyyy thats the stang gang for you!!

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