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Posted in Uncategorized by mattmanley on October 18, 2009

I see the under-.500 rule has been a topic of hot debate, especially with Howell and Marlboro getting postponed until Tuesday. I do think some teams took advantage of the exception made by the coaches’ committee, but it wasn’t Howell. Anyone who has seen that field knows it’s a mess after wet weather and while the team might have tried to play the game had their postseason depended on it, I think it’s good that we’re not forcing kids onto fields they are not playable. Furthermore, Marlboro already has a makeup against Midd. South Monday, so rescheduling a game for Monday is out of the question. For those of you who wanted them to play Toms River North Monday as they were originally scheduled to do, North is playing Jackson in a makeup so that’s out of the question at this point.

You can cry foul about Lakewood and Toms River North not making more of an effort to get games in, but what are we really worrying about here. It’s more important to give everyone a fair opportunity to make the tournament and with a daunting forecast and a small timetable with which to work, this was a decent solution. I don’t see a single team that’s benefiting from the change that is going to win the Shore Conference Tournament. If Howell, Holmdel or Southern goes deep, then you have a gripe. Then again, if they go deep, they probably deserved to be there anyway. The bets team will win. Don’t worry.

My top 20 this week will be a special top 25, in which I seed the SCT through Saturday’s games. There are still some key games Monday that could have a major impact on the seeding: Freehold Twp-CBA, Point Boro-Mon Don, Manchester-Central, TR South-TR East, Colts Neck-Manasquan and even Marlboro-Midd. South.

Some possible questions heading into the seeding meeting:

– How do you treat the top of A North? If CBA and Marlboro both win, do you seed CBA first because they’ll have more points or Marlboro because of the CBA tie to Midd. South. Their resumes are nearly identical, with the exception of the Midd. South tie. Freehold Township and Middletown South could make the decision easier if one of them wins.

– Central or Point Boro? If both win, Point Boro will have one more win, only because Central did not get to play its game against Barnegat on Friday. To me, this is a much bigger deal than seeding A North, because this will effect whether one team or another gets a home game. I would probably give Boro the nod only because they made the effort to go outside the division, with a win over Southern and a loss to Manasquan.

– Do you automatically relegate the sub-.500s to the bottom of the seeds? I say yes. Howell and Holmdel would do well in the seeding relative to their records, but since the committee made an exception for a few teams, they should have to take the long way to the final. However, I’ll be ranking the teams under the assumption that we’re just looking at straight resumes, so Howell won’t be ranked behind Lakewood.

– Freehold vs. Colts Neck vs. Manasquan? That’s a tough one. I hate to keep punishing Freehold, but I can’t see how they get a nod over either. I think the Colonials are locked into the eight at this point, which is better than the nine, but it also means they’ll see the top seed earlier.

-TRN 0r Raritan? Raritan is unbeaten and finished their division schedule, so I think they are going to get it. I think North is the slightest bit better, but it’s a coin flip. If they and up being the 4-5 combo, it really doesn’t matter which you rank first, because they both play on turf.

– How good is A South? I ask myself this question every week, and the rankings have reflected that I think it’s the second-best division. Here’s a little secret: I’m not sure it’s that good. My eye tells me St. Rose is better than the cluster of A South teams that is fighting for a top 10 spot, but St. Rose has no key win and lost to Wall, who has to ranked ahead of the Roses. The A South teams play the tougher schedule from top-to-bottom so I think they’ll get a little more respect, but Wall and St. Rose might be the best of the teams outside the top eight.

– Darkhorse? Holmdel will be a trendy answer, but I’ll say Shore. Most teams will sleep on them because of their schedule, but they’re pretty good. Now that I think about it, that will be a trendy pick among the blogosphere as well.


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  1. Good Analysis said, on October 18, 2009 at 2:50 pm

    Matt: Nice job on the seeding and analysis. The problem I have with the Howell/Marlboro postponement is that Howell doesn’t have as much to play for on Tuesday as opposed to Saturday.

  2. Da Swamp said, on October 18, 2009 at 3:07 pm

    Matt, one scenario not being discussed is if Marlboro is upset by South (not that far of a stretch with the CBA tie and going scoreless with FT for 75 minutes). Regardless of the FT/CBA outcome, could Marlboro drop down to 3 with that upset and without the Howell game? After all the ups and downs for both CBA and FT this season, I find it amazing we still have a situation where the seeding could go 1. FT, 2. CBA, 3. Marlboro

  3. SCT Seeding said, on October 18, 2009 at 9:54 pm

    Freehold gets no credit as usual. What a shame

  4. Bobbybuetcha said, on October 20, 2009 at 3:00 am

    Please.. Freehold has 1 good year in a shitty division and they get “no respect” as an 11 seed? Thats a great seed and you still havnt proved a whole lot yet, compete with an A North/South before you get a top spot. I give credit for having a great season for the first time in a while, but all Im saying is, this is a good chance to prove yourself if you think your actually that good

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