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SCT Update: Teams below .500 could make tournament

Posted in Uncategorized by mattmanley on October 16, 2009

According to one coach, his AD told him teams one game under .500 were going to be allowed into the SCT this season and that there was a possibility the Tournament and Tournament cutoff would be pushed back. None of this is confirmed as I wait for a callback from Wall AD and Tournament Director Tony Vadola – who must be beyond busy right now – but I’ll find out from someone.

Just interpreting the situation for myself, I don’t see why they would allow teams under .500 if they pushed the cutoff date back from Monday. If they want to keep the tournament on schedule, then allowing teams under .500 would have an element of sense to it considering everything from this weekend will likely get wiped out. If the report is true, it will be interesting to see how the sub-.500 teams are treated – if they are seeded under the same criteria as the rest of the teams, or if they are automatically seeded after the teams who are .500.

This solution wouldn’t solve the problem of seeding teams before the schedule is done, but it’s definitely a good way to remedy the games lost to the weather. The first priority is to put the teams in that deserve to be there, then to seed them correctly, so in that way, it’s good.

Barnegat-Central and Manchester-Pinelands are postponed to an undetermined date. Everyone else is on as of 1:30, but stay tuned.


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