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Wednesday quick hits

Posted in Uncategorized by mattmanley on October 8, 2009

It wasn’t pretty but Holmdel got it done again Wednesday with a 3-1 over Vianney in the wind. Two of the four goals in the game – both by Holmdel – came as a result of the heavy wind and it was one of those game where both teams just tried to play along with the conditions rather than just play in a vacuum.

If anyone is wondering why Holmdel is getting so much play from this site this week, it’s because we’re getting near the postseason and more times than not, teams like Holmdel are the most compelling. Two years ago, Marlboro rallied from a 5-9 record to make the SCT semis and Holmdel has the kind of talent to do something along those lines. So yeah, they, along with teams like Southern, TR East, Jackson, RBC, Lakewood, Ocean and Howell are going to get a little more play this week.

Rose rolls

Speaking of getting it done, St. Rose continues to cruise through B Central, today with a 3-1 win over Rumson (game story on the site). No team has come within two goals of the Purple Roses, which is the kind of dominance they need to exhibit for the SCT seeding committee considering they only get one more shot to beat a team outside of the division (Ocean on Monday). And who knows? At 4-5-1 right now, Ocean may not even make the SCT, which means Shore’s only wins against winning teams would be two each against Shore and Rumson (assuming they stay over .500, which they should). At that point, they’d be depending on Shore to have good showings against Toms River East and SJV and Rumson against Manasquan and Holmdel. I personally think they won’t fall below 15, but with teams like East and Holmdel wracking up some good results lately, nothing is a guarantee.

On the subject of St. Rose, Chris Hueth scored two goals and an assist to move into the Shore scoring lead with 27 points. Hueth has scored seven goals in the last four games and 10 in the last seven. He’s a dangerous player against any team and St. Rose has enough throughout the field to give a good team problems in the tournament and Hueth, with his Incredible Hulk frame, presents the biggest problem up top.

Raritan one step closer

Pat Langan might be battling a sore foot, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be really good on said foot. He scored a game-winner in a 2-1 win and, according to RBC coach George Black, looked pretty good in 60 minutes of action, give or take. He also mixed it up in the midfield a little more than he did against Holmdel on Monday. The Raritan players just have to be happy to have avoided another overtime, which would have been five of the last six games that have gone to OT. With some of the injuries the Rockets are nursing, it will be interesting to see how they would approach Monday’s game against Manasquan should the Warriors lose to St. John Vianney on Friday. A Manasquan loss to the Lancers would mean Raritan clinches the division and with Langan and the Liguori brothers hobbled, Raritan could rest some guys during that game. They have a deep team and could compete while still getting some players rest. If Manasquan wins Friday, however, it’s on.


The three favorites in B North – Wall, Monmouth and Ocean – win via the shutout and it will be particularly interesting to see if Tom Reilly can muster up a run out of Ocean to get into the postseason and be a threat to someone. Two years ago, Ocean limped into the SCT having gone 0-5-4 over its nine games before the tournament and beat a one-loss Rumson team on the road in the first round, then narrowly lost to CBA 2-1 in the next round. They then proceeded to beat Lakewood and a very good Monmouth team on the road in the CJ III tournament. With a player like Jacob Rubinstein in the fold, Ocean could be dangerous if they get on a roll heading into the postseason, and there is precedent that suggests the hypothesis.

That Man again

Ben Drake scored in a 1-0 Manasquan win. Is that even news anymore? He’s now got 12 of Manasquan’s 18 goals on the season.

I’m taking Thursday off from covering games and I probably wont’ have a blog entry Friday morning, but anticipate a podcast or six as well as an updated scoreboard. I’ll try to convince someone to join me if I can get my new recording apparatus up and functioning, but it looks pretty sketchy to me.


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